Irish Sport Rotorcraft Club


Code of Practice for Gyroplane Flying Lessons

The Irish Sport Rotorcraft Club operates the Code of Practice recommended for flying training in Gyroplanes at Limetree Airfield. It is the only means by which payment can be made by a member of the public for the privilege of flying in a gyroplane. It is intended to ensure that there is complete understanding of the arrangement.

The individual receiving the lesson is considered to be a member of the flight crew and not a passenger.

The Code

1      The instructor shall clearly explain the purpose of the flight to the student. The primary intention of the instructor in carrying out the flight is to give flying instruction, and the primary intention of the student is to receive flying instruction, and as such the student is a member of the flight crew.

2    The student and instructor shall be members of the club operating the flight.

3    The instructor carrying out the flight shall hold a valid gyroplane instructor rating, and be in current flying practice.

4    The flight shall be conducted in accordance with the instructional procedures laid down within the Irish Sport Rotorcraft Club Operations Manual.

5    New trainees will generally have little knowledge of how gyroplanes operate, and will be supervised when on an operational part of the airfield. A safety brief shall be given regarding the general operation of the Flying site and the specific hazards, which may be encountered. The new trainee shall comply with instructions given in relation to their safety and the safety of others.

6    A thorough pre-flight briefing shall be given, not necessarily by the instructor undertaking the flight, indicating the purpose of the flight, and how the flight is to be conducted. The student will be made aware that on an instructional flight the Irish Sport Rotorcraft Club is not required to comply with public transport requirements applicable to passenger carrying flights.

7    Where the Club promotes the availability of flying instruction to potential members this will indicate that any such flights are "Flight Training Lessons".

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