Irish Sport Rotorcraft Club

Hibernia Autogyros Approved types

The gyroplanes listed below are Factory/Kit and complying with the airworthiness requirements of the state of their origin .The list includes gyroplanes for which Hibernia Autogyros has technical documentation available from the owners to them and for the I.A.A. on their request.


You should contact Hibernia Autogyros before purchasing any factory built gyroplane to ensure that the aircraft meets or will meet the Irish Aviation Authority requirements, otherwise you could have a very expensive garden ornament.

Approved List:

1. Bensen / Brock.
2. Montgomerie Merlin.
3. * Barnett J4B2.
4. * Magni M18.
5. Gyroscopic Rotorcraft ( Air Command ).
6. E.L.A.-07.
7. ELA-07S.
8. Xenon-R.
9. * Twinstarr.
10. Magni M14.
11. Magni M16.
(500kgs Max Take-Off Weight)
12. Magni M22.
(500kgs Max Take-Off Weight)
13. Magni M24 Orion. (500kgs Max Take-Off Weight)

NOTE: * Asterisks denote ONE OFF approval only.

NOTE: 1. This list is comprised of current types in kit form or factory built.

Other types that are presented in the future will be subject to approval by Hibernia
Autogyros and the I.A.A. on an approval basis only. E.g. Mc Candless

2. Each new type must be included in the Hibernia Autogyros manual
prior to first registration. This will constitute I.A.A. acceptance.

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