Irish Sport Rotorcraft Club

4 Day intensive flying course available, starting at 10am on a Saturday morning running through until Tuesday afternoon. This course is designed to kick start your gyroplane flying. During the four days you will complete 10 hours of flying training including flight briefings and have completed all the flight exercises from Exercise 1a to Exercise 3e of the  training syllabus.
This course will see you at a stage where you have progressed to take off, flying the airfield circuit and landing, so you will have made a significant step towards your Irish Gyroplane Private Pilot licence in just 4 days.

10 Hour intensive Course  €1300

Sections Covered in the Intensive Course:

          Section 1: Basic Flying
          Ex 1a:   Air Experience Flight
          Ex 1b:   Effects of controls
          Ex 1c:   Startup, Taxi and Shutdown
          Ex 1d:   Basic Flying Consolidation

          Section 2: Upper Air Work
          Ex 2a:   Fly a straight track at constant altitude
          Ex 2b:   Increase and decrease speed at constant altitude
          Ex 2c:   Medium turns at constant altitude
          Ex 2d:   Climb and descend - straight
          Ex 2e:   Climb and descend whilst turning
          Ex 2f:   Fly the circuit pattern
          Ex 2g:   Upper Air Work Consolidation

          Section 3: Rotor Management, take offs and landings
          Ex 3a:   Rotor management
          Ex 3b:   Take-offs
          Ex 3c:   Landings
          Ex 3d:   Hops
          Ex 3e:   Circuit Consolidation

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